Why Choose 3 BHK flats than 2 BHK flats in Hyderabad?

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Many flat buyers tend to think that other than the size and cost, there may not be a big difference between a 2 BHK and a 3 BHK flats. In reality, there are various factors that differentiate between different flat sizes.

When you intend to buy a Flat in Hyderabad, we all might be grappled with the idea of owning whether a 2 BHK or 3 BHK flats in Hyderabad. The home buyer may have got the finance arranged and decided on a property. At the same time, he/she may be confused in deciding between 2 BHK or 3 BHK homes.

It is inconsequential whether you are a first-time buyer of a home or an experienced buyer. What matters most is good research and analytical power will enable you to decide on your dream flat as per you’re your current lifestyle requirements and budget.

Presently, both customers and construction companies are keen on additional space and comfort.

A majority of the 3 BHK homes are built with modern technology and enhanced amenities leading to a rise in demand for 3 BHK flats. Without a doubt, bigger families are bolstered in owning 3 BHK bedrooms in Hyderabad following enhanced connectivity by road, rail, and airport transport facilities and excellent weather conditions prevailing in Hyderabad city. In addition to this, acquiring 3 BHK flats in Hyderabad is exceedingly affordable when compared to those of other states in India.

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Normally, balconies in 3 BHK flats add to the charm of the house. It would be a prudent idea to go with. 

Reasons for 3 BHK flats rather than 2 BHK flats:

  1. Abundant space:  Everyone endeavors to reside in spacious homes or apartments. Possessing an additional space is always better when you have a steady number of guests and when your pals and extended family members visit your home. Leaving aside the purpose of a guest bedroom, an added space will certainly be useful when you intend to make a home office or to take up any activity that makes you delightful and motivated.
  2. Economy: Generally, people have wrong assumptions on the pricing details of 3 BHK flats as they tend to think that 3 BHK flats are more expensive than 2 BHK homes. In reality, a 3 BHK flat is a mere 20-30 percent higher than the cost of 2 BHK flat. As the price gap is marginal, it makes a good sense to buy a 3 BHK flat.
  3. Space factor: Each of us wishes to reside in a home that is adequately spacious. If the home looks aesthetically spacious, it is advantageous to you. The additional bedroom always enables us to accommodate your friends and guests. Besides, it is useful for establishing your office at home. Also, a majority of the 3 BHK flats have an elegant elevation that adds more value to the apartments.
  4. Good Prospects: Most of the flat buyers are happy with their choice of 2 BHK. However, at a later point in time, they tend to repent. Never buy flats based on your current needs. Over a period of time, as your family grows, the need for space also grows. Remember, you will have to accommodate the needs of your parents and kids as well.
  5. A space for your pets: The extra space in 3 bhk is perfect for families with pet(s) or looking to adopt one. While most pet parents love to cuddle and sleep with their pets, it’s always better to get them used to a space of their own in the house. Once they are used to, it would be way easier for the pets to stay at home when you aren’t around. This luxury of space is easily gone if you are in a 2 bhk. Any friend or family member staying over would easily take up the extra space leaving no space for your pets.

When you invest money into any property you should not only look at your existing needs but also need to foresee your future requirements As such.

It is always wise to opt for a 3 BHK flat than a 2BHK flat

  1. Prime areas: If you notice carefully, a lot of 3 BHK homes are located in the important places in Hyderabad city. Real estate builders are concentrated on constructing spacious flats that give comfort to the customers. If you are a part of a joint family or a big family, then 3 BHK is the right choice for you. If you buy the property at a prime location, your travel time gets reduced. Also, you have the comfort of staying close to schools, hospitals, shopping malls, and entertainment spots.
  2. Cost: A majority of the builders in Hyderabad are providing 3 BHK homes at an affordable price. Loan agencies and the leading banks are also ready to provide loans to bigger flats or projects built by the branded real estate companies. This is a real benefit to the home buyers who are eying 3 BHK flats with a budget of 2 BHK flats.
  3. Documentation work: Buying a 3 BHK flat at the first occurrence is always good as your home address is going to be linked with every document you possess and that will reflect lifestyle. Upgrading to a 3 BHK home in later stages may not be a feasible option in terms of budget and legal processes. Also, you might have to make repeated visits to the government offices to upgrade your property.  As such, it is always wise to buy 3 BHK flats in the initial stages itself.

Over and above, 3 BHK flats have a higher resale value and are easy to refurbish as one desires so.

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