Living Next to Shamshabad International Airport

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Ever since the start of civilisation, humans have the tendency to live in places with fast and easy accessibility. Unlike a few years ago, planes have emerged as the most convenient mode of transport. It’s the most economical as well if you look at the ratio of time taken to the distance. Travel is one such thing in this post-modern era which majority of the population cannot ignore. Isn’t that a good enough reason to live next to an airport? Well, bonus if it’s an international!


Coming to the city of Pearls, Northstar Homes’ Airport Boulevard luxury villas at Shamshabad offers you perfect homes as they are way more than just being near to the airport.                 


For obvious reasons, the airport and the areas surrounding it has very good accessibility and possess excellent infrastructure. Living next to the airport ensures good connectivity to different parts of the city with well maintained and developed roads. The airport never sleeps, and so are your transport options when you live next to one. We don’t have to tell you about the accessibility outside the city, or even outside the county if you own a home near an international airport.

Quality of life

Premium social infrastructures develop real fast around the airport as it is a major attraction for the commercial and retail sectors. Owning a home near the airport means easy access to all of them. Visually and emotionally you get to experience the premium quality life around the airports as the areas are usually well developed and have excellent upkeep.

The government loves airports

An International airport is a place with people incoming from all over the world, including tourists, business travellers and even celebrities. The airport and nearby locale being the first impression, the government simply cannot afford to mess it up. Hence if you plan to live near the airport, you will be moving to one of the best developed and most maintained destinations in the city.

Nobody likes traffic

Aha! This might seal the deal of living near an airport for many of you. Traffic can bring out the good, the bad and the ugly in you. The areas around airports usually have very effective traffic management resulting in minimal and hassle-free traffic. Getting relieved from the frustrations of traffic takes out a major chunk of your stress.

Business or economy, never miss a flight

It goes without saying that when you’re living close to an international airport, you have to try really hard to miss a flight. Now that we are talking about living next to airports, let cross this off the checklist too. For the wanderlusts, the business trippers and for travellers of any other sort, staying close to the airport is a major advantage. The best part is that the city gridlock can never stop you from reaching the airport on time, as you are far, far away from it.

Airport Boulevard is a perfect-fit home for those who live the travel life, as you know that sometimes it takes more time to travel just from Airport to your home than reaching from Kashmir to Hyderabad. That’s when Airport Boulevard comes to the rescue. Own a villa here and spend more time at your home than on the roads.

Northstar Homes’ Airport Boulevard Villas at Shamshabad

gated community housing villas

There’s much more to Northstar Homes’ Airport Boulevard villas than just being close to Rajiv Gandhi International Airport. This new benchmark in gated community housing villas is a unique mix designed to provide you with the best in class modern living spaces. Airport Boulevard luxury villas in Shamshabad is in close vicinity to Nehru Outer Ring Road to give you accessibility to in and out Hyderabad city.

The Rajiv Gandhi International airport is definitely the next boomtown of Hyderabad. “Now” is the right time for you to invest in Airport Boulevard. Write to us or ring +91 9989933366 to know more.

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