Hunting for a Luxury Apartment with a Unique Layout

Penthouse apartments are not necessarily the most premium apartments in a luxury gated community. Other criteria which you should be considering include outdoor spaces, high ceilings & a unique layout. There are quite a few developers nowadays offering penthouse style balconies for every apartment, double height sky garden pockets & swimming pool on high floors. There are many other types of properties offering similar features which add value to your luxurious living. If this is what you are looking to keep an eye on terms like ‘garden apartments’, ‘maisonette’, ‘sky loft’ & others.

Luxury gated community

Synonymous with Prestige & Luxury

Sure, penthouse is synonymous with prestige & luxury. However, it may not be the best apartment in a building. Penthouse nowadays has lost its allure. They are not trophy property anymore. You can now go to many buildings & buy a lower floor & get a better experience than a penthouse. There are numerous properties which can give you the same value, if not better, than a penthouse. Some of these things you should be looking out for luxury if you are not set on a penthouse.

  • Get Yourself a Condo Townhouse – These condominiums are generally just as good as a single family home. These are a kind of mix between an apartment & a townhouse. Condo Townhouse includes a private entrance like we have in a townhouse alongside condo-lime amenities including a doorman & fitness facilities.
  • Maisonette are Coveted Real Estate – This is sometimes a marketing term which is nowadays used for Condo Townhouses. Typically, they refer to a unit of two stories of a large building having a private entrance. Maisonettes’ are coveted real estate & are commonly described as townhouse like spaces featuring building spaces. Maisonettes are typically ideal for ‘celebrities’ or ‘recluses’ since they have easy & anonymous in-and-out access.
  • Ground Floor Garden Apartments – Looking at the very bottom of the building for luxury can be more exciting than looking at the very top. Ground floor apartments can be unique in many ways. Garden Apartments often feature some sort of outdoor space which is attached to the property. Some sort of a patio may also be included on some properties. Since some of these properties also go underground to make themselves duplexes, they offer a really unique layout.
  • Duplex or Triplex Premium Apartments – These apartments are very attractive & typically designed by combining apartments. Imagine a Triplex apartment combining floors 15 through 18, with a penthouse on floor 19. The Triplex could be just as attractive as the penthouse & probably unique in many more ways. Experience living under 20-ft ceilings & having 20-ft windows in your luxury Duplex apartment. It certainly adds value to your living experience.
  • Attractive Sky Lofts – Catchy terms like ‘Sky Loft’ attract more buyers than the traditional ‘Penthouse’ moniker. Sky Lofts are a lot like penthouses, but termed sometimes to differentiate. They can be five-bedroom apartments with floor-to-ceiling windows, including two or three large terraces. Offering panoramic 360-degree views you can experience unparalleled luxury living in a Sky Loft.

Northstar Homes District 1 at Gachibowli, Hyderabad

Northstar Homes District 1 features 149 luxurious 3bhk apartments over 15 floors with penthouse style balconies. Located in the Financial District in Hyderabad, it is just 1.5 km from Wipro Circle, Apple, Amazon, ICICI Bank & other corporate offices. It is in close proximity to malls, retail hotspots, recreation clubs, international schools & many other conveniences. District 1 can be your elite home strategically situated in the most cosmopolitan part of the city. Ideal for the chosen few who deserve luxury & palatial ambience living. Northstar Homes District 1 is the winner of the prestigious award at “Times Realty Icons 2017”! Sleek interiors & world-class specs at District 1 make it one of the most sought after homes in the twin cities of Hyderabad & Secunderabad.

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