Monsoon could be the best time to invest in real estate

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Monsoon is here in Hyderabad as well. It might not be such pleasant news to many, but it definitely is for the home buyers.  This is primarily because of the fact that the majority of the problems of a real estate property occurs in monsoon. Hence it’s the perfect time to check for the quality of a property compared to other days. What you see on regular days might not be what you see on a rainy day. There could be major differences. Monsoon is often the lean season for real estate as not many people would want to do site visits in the rains. But if you are a prospective homebuyer, monsoons can be used in your favour.

Whether you’re planning to buy a flat or a villa, the quality of construction is clearly visible during the rainy season. And we, at Northstar Homes would be more than happy to show you around even in the lull season of monsoon. A visit to the property in monsoons would also test the builder regarding offering the quality that’s promised to you. Let’s look at some of those reasons why monsoon could be the best time to invest in real estate.

Move-in time can’t be better

Monsoons in India is often followed by festival season. Festival season is considered to be an auspicious occasion to move-in or buy a new home or anything new in that regard. When you start looking for a house in the rainy season, you’ll be ready to buy one by the time monsoon ends and starts the auspicious festival season.

Offers and cheaper loans

Potential homebuyers must take advantage of monsoon season as there are plenty of offers that come in during this time with much more affordable interest rates. You can also take advantage of this by negotiating interest rates charges according to your credit score. Almost every bank and real estate builders will have some offer going on during monsoons. Haven’t noticed yet? Start looking around you for offers in monsoon. You’ll be surprised to see the multitude of offers available in monsoons.

Realtime quality check

For builders, monsoon is not a pleasant season for construction. If you’re looking to buy a property at this time, you’ll find either completed property or partially completed ones. Monsoon is the perfect time to look for leakages, dampness, washroom leak, quality of paint, door and windows for leakage, and many more quality checks, realtime. These issues will be very difficult to identify or are not really visible during other days. 

Come see us in Monsoons

Northstar Homes is one of the leading real estate builders in Hyderabad offering a plethora of projects in and around the twin cities and Vizag. We recommend you to visit our projects during monsoons so that you get a realtime experience of the uncompromised quality of construction maintained by Northstar Homes.

Do visit our website and choose from a wide range and varieties of real estate properties. We wish you a very happy monsoon and hope you find the perfect home you’re looking for, very soon!

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