Monsoon decor and care for your homes

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The knock of monsoon is right at your doorsteps. The rains in Hyderabad brings a lot of freshness and joy. A cup of coffee, open balcony and rains could be an extremely romantic setting for the monsoons in Hyderabad. A bit of greenery around your house can take this experience to the next level. What more do you need to fall in love with the rains?

Located close to Gandipet Lake is Northstar Homes’ Hillside, a paradise for those who love greenery around them. Enjoying monsoon in Hillside luxury villas would be absolute bliss.

That being said, to get the complete the ‘monsoon feel’ right inside your house, there are a few decors you can add and a few maintenances to take care of. Let’s see how can we brighten up your monsoon.

Flowers are more close to nature than you think!

Every now and then we keep getting flower vases that we hardly use. It’s fancy and sometimes is too irresistible not to buy. Well, monsoons are the time when all of those vases can be used. Empty wine bottles also make very attractive vases. Tulips, Lilies, Roses, or any other flower that you like or find nearby can be put in the vases filled with water. The presence of these flowers adds positivity and a pleasant aura in the house. You also feel closer to nature with these flowers around you in the house.

Umbrella stands can be swanky

Umbrellas are our monsoon companions. Start with getting a cool umbrella and a quirky umbrella stand to add a dash of creativity and eccentricity to your living room. It’s pretty obvious why the umbrella stand should be placed near the entrance. Nobody likes to clean the trail of water every time you enter the house. This umbrella stand is more like a gesture of accepting the beautiful monsoons.

An aromatic house is more fun to live in

We all love the rains, but not everybody loves scents that follow the rains. Scented candles could be a lifesaver in these situations. With so much serenity outside, lighten up your indoors with aromatic candles. Try placing as many scented candles as you can. This is one of the coolest ways to fight off any kind of unpleasant smell that accompanies the rains.

Windchime lullaby

The wind plays the base, with the sound of rains in the background and the music of wind chimes playing the lead. Well, this music has the potential to hypnotise you to sleep. Their whimsical sound is capable of adding a transfixed zeal to your house. Wind chimes are hence a mandatory addition, especially during monsoons. 

The problems of monsoons can be equally troublesome as much as you enjoy them. It’s more like saying, monsoons come with a set of terms and conditions. Here are a few things you can plan in advance to be prepared for the monsoon downpour.

Waterproof paints

Rains also carry a lot of harmful chemicals that can badly damage the exterior paint job of your house. Paint them with waterproof paints to avoid monsoon damage and keep the exterior paint from being washed off in the rains.

Safe electrical systems

Make sure there are no wires exposed anywhere in the house. Check your electric sockets and ensure quality wires. Get any minor electric maintenance done well in advance to monsoons.

Carpets might be a bad idea

Carpets will absorb a lot of moisture, particularly during the monsoons. This could make them smelly and difficult to handle. We highly recommend avoiding carpets and rugs in monsoons.

Got a lot of wood in the house? Termite-proof them!

If your house has a lot of wooden decors or accessories, it is highly advised to get them all termite-proofed to avoid any infestations.

Northstar Homes – Luxury Homes 

Northstar Homes’ Hillside is the perfect destination in Hyderabad if you are looking for luxury villas in Hyderabad. With the lush green Central Park and natural surrounding, as the name suggests, there would be no place in Hyderabad where you can enjoy monsoons better.

Hillside luxury villas have a unique resort styled design with a wide 360° view from the large balcony. Traffic-free podiums, large balconies, lush green Central Park, hills around you and rains. Common now! You can’t ask for anything better than this.

Click the link to know more about Hillside or feel free to contact us at (+91 99899 33366).

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