A personalised office at your home

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Home office

An office is an essential addition to your home. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be an entrepreneur. It’s a perfect add-on, even if you are a homemaker. It’s much applicable for the present day scenario as working online is becoming the bandwagon and more people prefer to work from home. Moreover, who wouldn’t want to have a sassy workstation at home! We have some tips to help you craft a perfect home office.

The Room

The room selection is crucial. Select one that has enough space, not necessarily big. Ample ventilation is the key to a pleasant office. Windows are also a key factor. If you have a room where you can open the windows to greenery, nothing like it! We understand that in Indian summers, it’s difficult to keep them open, but you’ll thank us during the rest of the seasons. Minimal external disturbances like traffic are in fact, quite normal.

The location of the office in your house also matters a lot. It has to go in sync with the rest of your house. Your home office should be in a place where your guests wouldn’t have to go through the rest of your house just to reach the office. Keep it as close to the entrance as possible. This ensures privacy for your family and gives your guests easy access to your office.

What’s in the office?

Start with the chair. Spend some money to get a comfortable chair for yourself. Buy a couple or more extra chairs (depending on your requirement) for your visitors, sofas would be perfect.

Never underestimate lighting. Good lighting is a very important factor for your home office. Tubelights or ceiling lights, that’s up to you. Ceiling lights on a minimal false ceiling would be quite appealing visually. Avoid harsh lighting, go easy on the eyes.


The decor of your room reflects your productivity. Be very smart while choosing a theme for your office. Put some serious thought into it before selecting one. Some prefer to match it with the rest of the house to feel like home at the office (Remember! We are talking about your office at HOME). So, if you match it with your home or not, the theme definitely has a role to play in getting the impression right. Our advice, keep it simple and minimalistic.

The organiser

Not only you should have aesthetically pleasing storage but also one that has enough organisers inside to make sure your files are all in the right place. Stacking the files carelessly is a major letdown. Get rid of the junk (includes files, books and anything else that isn’t useful) every now and then from your home office. Never make your office space look congested and smaller.

Power & safety

Ensure enough power backup. In India, you can expect a power out at any point in time. So be prepared for it and never lose your important data. If your apartment has a default power backup, make sure the sockets in your home office are connected to it.

Sockets are another element in your home office that needs your attention. Have enough sockets in the office room so that all your accessories like printer, laptop, mobile, etc never ran out of power supply.

For safety, it’s advised to install a security camera, especially if your home office accommodates visitors. This will ensure the safety of your belongings and you can keep a check on your office space in your absence.

With all that in place, you are set to have the perfect office space at your home. It’s a highly recommended addition to a house regardless of what your profession is.

Work from home becomes a walk in the park

Take the coronavirus outbreak situation for example. The government of India issued work from home order for employees of every single company, except for the emergency services. In this scenario, a home office could be such a great blessing.

You can easily get rid of the discomforts of working from home if you already have a mini-office set up at your home. All you have to do is switch on your personalised workspace and nail your tasks one by one. It also said working at your personalised home office could increase your productivity levels to double or more than compared to working from office space.

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