Lord over your surroundings: Premium luxury apartments in Hyderabad

Premium luxury apartments in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is home not just for Biryanis and IT companies but also for high rise apartments. More and more builders are aiming to reach higher with each of their projects. Living in the heights is becoming the new fad! It’s slowly turning to be a matter of luxury and status symbol for the urbanites especially. One such luxury symbol in Hyderabad is Northstar Homes’ District 1, where you can lord over your surroundings. Located in the most cosmopolitan address of Hyderabad, the Financial District, these premium luxury apartments in Hyderabad will be a step-up to your luxurious lifestyle.

The view from above

Looking at the world from the 15th floor makes you realize that there quite a number of things that you’ve missed out from the ground. The very sun that’s scorching all day has an entirely different face in during dusk and dawn. When you’re living in the heights you get the experience the sheer beauty of the Sun. Looking at those colours on the clouds and the sky is nothing less than meditating. When you get to experience this from your balcony, that’s how pure bliss feels like!

The penthouse styled balcony

On the race to build apartments within the limited spaces in the cities, balconies are often compromised to increase the living room or bedroom spaces. A namesake balcony is never fun and it can be frustrating or even claustrophobic for many. Northstar Homes understand this and respect your need for a rich balcony. That’s why our District 1 project is equipped with a penthouse style balcony. Unlike conventional balconies, penthouse styled balconies offer more space and are designed for you to have a better view and comfort that extends outside your living room.

Keep the romance alive

Well, everyone has their own idea of perfect dates but nothing beats the home-perfect! A luxurious home, spacious balcony and the view of the night from a great height, the very sound of it is romantic. That’s exactly how you feel when you’re at the penthouse styled balcony of Northstar Homes’ District 1. So what are you waiting for? Book an apartment at District 1 and amp up your romance forever.

Location matters: 3 BHK Flats In Gachibowli!

The city life is filled with entertainment of all sorts; from the pubs to the multiplexes to the game zones and everything in the city can give you thrills. Gachibowli is home to numerous entertainment hubs, malls and leisure spots. Staying at District 1 means easy access to all of them without having to bustle with the traffic.

Not just the entertainment, but we’ve got it covered for the majority of IT workspaces as well. Located in the Financial District, District 1 is in close proximity to Raheja Mindspace, DLF Cybercity, Hitech city and more. The accessibility doesn’t just end there. Within the vicinity is the ORR which will take you anywhere in and out of the twin cities.

The District 1 apartments’ location is strategically planned to give you the best of everything that the city has to offer. Enjoy the city like never before with unmatched accessibility and luxury in the most cosmopolitan destination of Hyderabad – The Financial District. 3 BHK Flats in Gachibowli BOOK NOW!

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