Staying Fit at Northstar Homes Hillside in Gandipet

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“A healthy mind stays in a healthy body”. With the kind of metropolitan work life, city dwellers find it difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Your home has a significant role to play in getting your mind and body in the right place. Northstar Homes’ nonpareil Hillside project is the perfect destination for you to maintain a balanced and happy-go-lucky lifestyle.

Walk to the Lake

Not every one of us enjoys workouts in a gym. But there is hardly anyone who doesn’t enjoy a lakeside walk and at times may be a dip in the pool. Contribute this relaxing activity to your regular physical exercise by walking down to music river or Gandipet lake at Hillside villas.

Jog the Fat Out

Jogging is hands down the best cardiovascular workout that puts a smile on your heart.  Not just the heart, but it also helps fight the risk of cancer & diabetes, improve the immune system, mental fitness and even helps your sleep cycle. Unlike the concrete jungles, Northstar Homes’ Hillside has got dedicated jogging tracks for you to jog your fat out.

Get Real Here

It comes to the gym when getting your curves right or having a ripped hot body. Working out at the gym is also a brilliant way to get rid of your stress. When you get the hang of it, your gym can turn out to be a wonderful hobby – one that keeps you healthy and live longer. We, at Hillside, make sure you have access to our fully loaded gym so that you can work your ass out and get ripped without having to worry about the gym subscriptions.

Swim like a Fish

There is no other exercise like swimming that will use the entire muscles in your body. A full body cardio workout that doesn’t sweat you out, keeps you cool and easy on your joints – Need we say more? Your age can never stop you from getting into the pool. Our strategically designed community pool can also serve as an ideal social activity point for you. Gather your friends and family, have fun in the pool and simultaneously get fit.

Never Forget the Mind

Let’s not forget the eternal connection between mind and body. Mental and emotional wellbeing is as crucial as your physical fitness. Human brain releases those feel-good endorphins even with a small walk in the park. That’s why exercise/workouts contribute a great deal for mental health. ‘Hillside’ – As the name suggests, get closer to nature and find your peace right where you live.

Make use of that extra space at home

Spacious villas at Northstar Homes’ Hillside offers a handy advantage, especially now, at the time of coronavirus pandemic. Now that you have to maintain social distancing by staying at home and isolating yourselves, most of your fitness schedule must have gone for a toss.

The residents of Northstar Homes’ Hillside, on the other hand, can make good use of their spacious home for a round of regular exercise so that you stay fit and healthy during this lockdown. You could take a quick jog around your villa or do a brisk walk at the central park, which literally, right outside your home.

Northstar Homes’ Hillside Villas in Gandipet Hyderabad

These villas are specially designed to cater to your needs for healthy living and irrefutable luxury.

  • Find a frame anywhere you point your camera.
  • Get access to world-class amenities – Jogging track, Gym, Swimming pool, Club House & many more.
  • Walk to Gandipet lake or pour out your stress in the Musi river.
  • Feel the adventure of walking through the wild grass.
  • Breathe positivity when the hills stream out the sun-rays onto you.

Stay fit and enjoy nature like never before at Northstar Homes’ Hillside Villas in Gandipet, Hyderabadoffering 37-handcrafted villas. This indeed is your dream destination!

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