The Good News is That There is Rising Number of Female Investors in Real Estate

There are a majority of working women nowadays who prefer investing in real estate instead of investing in mutual funds or in the share market. This is largely because the real estate sector in India has enormously grown in the last decade. In fact, real estate as of now contributes almost 5 to 6 percent of the country’s GDP. Moreover, real estate sector is expected to contribute almost 13% of the GDP by the year 2025.

Female Investors in Real Estate

India is one of the Fastest Growing Economies

Presently, India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Real estate therefore is a subject of great interest to investors. Though it was considered a male-dominated until now, the industry has significantly changed with more women entering into this sector. Over the past few years the number of women entering this sector has gradually increased. Be it running a real estate company or investing, women have made real progress in the real estate domain.

Factors Responsible for Female Participation

There are many factors which act as a catalyst & have contributed to the rise in the number of female investors within the real estate industry.

  • Increasing Financial Capacity – Indian economy has strengthened the financial capacities of working women & has grown in leaps & bounds. Females are now more ambitious & career driven, especially in the metro cities. Entrepreneurship is a trending culture now & is being very quickly picked up by female aspirants as well who are living in major urban areas. Many women these days also have a global exposure. Support from government policies have created a positive environment & given them an extra spur. Quite a few female entrepreneurs are nowadays running their own real estate company & gaining prominence. With increased financial capacity women are now becoming more active & aggressive real estate investors.
  • Most Promising Real Estate Investing for Women – Housing is a very promising option for real estate investing for women. Being single for a woman is no more a taboo like it was earlier. Good salaries have liberated them & they are no more shying when it comes to buying a home. It is true that housing is one of the most fitting solutions for a woman who is leading an independent lifestyle. Developers are therefore coming up with housing projects which are affordable & convenient for them with better connectivity to their working areas.

Advantages of Investing in Real Estate Sector

There are some advantages which women derive by stepping into the real estate sector.

  • Distinguished Leadership – Real estate in the country is a well recognized sector & the 2nd largest employer. Women participating in this high productivity segment will fuel economic growth. They are steadily a\gaining recognition for their leadership quality & distinctive work ethics. Women are normally blessed with their power of multitasking & successfully transporting personal & social competency. They definitely have the personality to fulfill the purpose.
  • Better Relationship with Clients – Women in the real estate industry have an edge over their male counterparts. Women are more caring, nurturing & sensitive towards the needs of clients. They are adept at balancing things & are excellent in multitasking which is a crucial aspect in running a real estate company. Women successfully bring compassion, determination & the synergy which is required for taking the real estate business forward in a well organized manner.

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