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Moving to a new house is very exciting. What’s not so exciting is the process of Home relocation. Whether you hire a professional service of ‘packers and movers’ or ‘do it yourself’, the process still a pain in the rear. All the tips and tricks that we are going to discuss here can be put together to just one word – ‘organised’. Remember, the more organised you are, the smoother your relocation is going to be. So let’s get started!

Home relocation

Plan it well in advance

NEVER underestimate early planning. Waiting till you reach closer to the moving date could be a recipe for disaster. Plan it well in advance. Having an early plan will give you enough time to be organised and well prepared for the relocation. This is applicable regardless of whether you are moving to a place around the block or across the country.

Start with the junk

No matter how well we try to organize and keep the house clean there is always some junk left. Before you start packing, start with getting rid of the junk that you do not wish to carry along to your new house. When you lose the junk, a major chunk gets reduced from your ‘things to move’.

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Packing order

Prioritise your packing. Things that you use more on a regular basis can be packed last, as you might be using them till your moving date. But those which you use the least can be packed first. This way you’re saving a lot of effort and confusion while packing. It also helps you in understanding things that are useful to you and those that can be sold.

Labelling the packages

Labelling is another key aspect of packing. Once you’ve prioritised your things, start labelling. Not labelling your boxes could lead to chaos while unpacking. Imagine the stress of figuring out which box has what and having to open up every box to find out the stuff you’re looking for. To avoid all that, label the packages. It’ll make your unpacking a walk in the park.

Dismantle everything

Carrying huge furniture is never fun. Some of you might be thinking that you can just hire ‘packers and movers’ and do it. But even if you hire one it’s better you dismantle any heavy furniture. You’ll not only save them from any handling damages but also make it much easier to handle them. Some even do it for the fun of dismantling and assembling things.

Unpacking matters

After all that packing and sorting, now you’re at your dream home filled with boxes. “Where to start? Which one to open first? How do I even unpack everything? Am I going nuts?” These are a set of quite obvious thoughts that come across your mind in the process of unpacking. Worry not! Remember? You’ve labelled your packages and you know what is in every box. Think about what you need first, and then start unpacking one by one.

Moving is a thought for later?

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