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10 Reasons to Invest in a Luxury Villa Near Tukkuguda

A transition to a villa from an apartment-style home can be a big decision. Most people switch to villas to get access to the luxury amenities, which are otherwise not available in the general flats. Whether it’s the aesthetically appealing landscapes or serene environments, a lavish villa in Hyderabad has everything that an aspiring homeowner needs in their homes.

Based in the southern part of Hyderabad, Tukkuguda is an emerging hotspot for those moving into Hyderabad and people who are looking to buy land in a tranquil space in this metropolitan city. Tukkuguda is a residential space with many gated communities. Located approx 27 kilometers from Hyderabad, this residential area offers access to public transport, shopping centers, the city’s popular attractions, and many interesting places where you can have a wonderful family time.

Investing in a Villa in Tukkuguda: Here’s All You Need to Know

The southern side of Hyderabad offers wonderful residential places for families, couples, and single adults who have moved into Hyderabad for their jobs. Tukkuguda is considered an ideal residential space because of its close proximity to the city’s major commercial hubs. It’s located close to the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport. 

Not only that, but the area offers multiple housing options with lavish facilities. Surrounded by Fab City and Balapur, Tukkuguda offers easy accessibility to the famous IT hubs in Hyderabad. Let’s check out 10 common reasons you should consider investing in a luxury villa in southern Hyderabad.

1. Enjoy Serene Environment

One of the many benefits of investing in luxury villas on the Srisailam highway near Tukkuguda is the serene surroundings and the peaceful vibe. Whether you are moving in with your family or alone, you will love the green, natural landscapes away from the city’s hustle and bustle. There’s no traffic, nor will you experience the city’s crowd here. It’s a place where you can breathe fresh air and enjoy quality time with your family in an open space. 

2. Privacy

There’s no need to buy flats where you share walls with noisy neighbors or live in residential units that cause unnecessary disturbance. Luxury villas in Tukkuguda are independent units that allow you to live separately and in your own lavish space. You get to enjoy the maximum level of privacy. It’s perfect for families, especially with kids. It’s easier for them to focus on their studies and for adults to work from home. Privacy combined with serenity makes Tukkuguda an ideal residential space for residents who want to live away from the noise.

3. Reachable to Commercial Hubs

The commute from/to Tukkuguda is quick and easy, as this residential space is within proximity to the key commercial centers in Hyderabad. Public transport is easily accessible and the industrial areas are within short distances. The airport is just 9 kilometers away from the space and the Umdanagar Railway Station is 15 kilometers from the area.

Not only the IT hubs, but the area is close to the Hyderabad-Bangalore highway. So, you can plan weekend getaways often. The excellent connectivity with the commercial hubs means you get to enjoy an easy commute and a serene lifestyle.

4. Developing Infrastructure

Many organizations have invested in infrastructure development projects in the Southern part of Hyderabad, including Tukkuguda. The infrastructure in the area is developing rapidly with new malls, medical facilities, and schools opening in the surroundings. The continuous development makes life super comfortable and convenient for the residents. That’s the reason why more and more families are considering relocating to Tukkuguda.

5. Multiple Green Spaces

What makes Tukkuguda an aesthetically appealing area is the number of green spaces, parks, and beautiful landscapes. If you are bored with the city’s traffic and huge buildings, you will find Tukkuguda a beautiful spot for your residential requirements. The area has many kids-friendly parks and aesthetic places where you can host gatherings. You can also go for your morning walk in the green space.

6. Excellent Connectivity to Social Infrastructure

In addition to the commercial centers, Tukkuguda is located close to many schools, hospitals, and recreational zones. Raintree School and the Aga Khan Academy are perfect for your kids. You can plan outdoor activities at Giga Citi Golf Course and Wonderla Amusement Park. All these places are within 5-7 kilometers of the space.

7. Excellent Investment Potential

With multiple infrastructure development projects going on, the property value in Tukkuguda and other southern parts of Hyderabad is expected to grow rapidly. The Outer Ring Road Phase II project, for instance, is expected to improve the water delivery to the nearby areas. RRTS Corridor is another exciting project. The existing and upcoming infrastructure looks quite promising. With the area continuously developing, there’s a great earning potential for investors.

8. Access to Modern Amenities

The best part about investing in luxury villas on the Srisailam highway near Tukkuguda is the modern amenities. You don’t just get the fascinating parks and gorgeous landscapes, but these villas offer exclusive amenities, like swimming pools, gyms, and walking trails, all of which enhance your quality of life. You can create your own mini resort within your home. It’s perfect for those who often invite their friends for quality time at home.

9. Spacious Layout

A luxury villa in Tukkuguda offers a spacious layout and enough space for even joint families to live comfortably. These are much better than their small apartment counterparts, which have restricted spaces for families. You can compare and choose a villa that offers sufficient space for your family to move in. It’s not only the rooms and halls, but villas in Hyderabad offer recreational spaces and terraces that are large enough to host parties and social gatherings.

10. Get Close to Nature

Green spaces in Tukkuguda will get you closer to nature and help you practice a sustainable lifestyle. A home away from noise and pollution can make a huge difference to your lifestyle and health.

These are the reasons that make investments in luxury villas near Tukkuguda ideal for your residential needs. For more information about our luxury villas, reach out to us at Northstar Homes. We are known to offer the best luxury villas in Tukkuguda.

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