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Top 7 Amenities to Look for in Gated Community Apartments

Gated community apartments are one of the most sought after places nowadays. It offers you a safe and secure place and gives a sense of community. Since the apartments are built in a big space, you will have an ample amount of outdoor space which is a rarity in today’s urban system. Whether you want to take a long stroll or swim for a while, most gated communities have those facilities. From the basic Apartment amenities like security and power supply to additional facilities like in-door gaming area, gym, kids’ playing area, etc, well-planned gated communities offer a range of comfort facilities to enhance and enrich your lifestyle. It makes for a wonderful change from the urban life that most often feels cramped.

If you are planning to move into a gated community, here are some of the amenities you should look for in the apartments. 

1. Complete Security

When we buy a new house or an apartment space, an important factor to consider is the security of that place. Not all the family members will be able to stick together at all times. Therefore, even if only one single member is in the house, they need to feel a sense of safety. This is easily ticked off with the best security system in place in gated communities. There is a 24*7 CCTV facility and added security by guards who verify every person entering the premises. Not just your belongings and property, your entire family is safe and secure in a gated community. 

2. Proper Water and Current Supply

Power cuts are something we can never be sure of; it has become a common occurrence in cities. Gated communities ensure that there is a steady power backup which can be used when there is a sudden cut of supply. There are generators that can withstand heavy power supply to the entire building with several houses, and in most places, you can even go about your daily routine and use washing machines or geysers. This is why power supply in gated communities is a major amenity to look for. There is also a proper water supply provided in gated communities, with a few places also making use of rainwater and groundwater harvesting. So, when you are looking to move into such communities, please ensure the space has both these provisions. 

3. Swimming Pool

The swimming pool might have been a luxury, an outside space that can be accessed only through additional classes with experts to train or resorts that offer swimming facilities. However, with an increase in gated communities, swimming pools have become more accessible for members of the community. It’s indeed fun to be able to enjoy swimming whenever we need to. While some apartments have indoor swimming pools, a few others have open swimming pools but most of these offer proper shower facilities as well. All these factors make a swimming pool one of the most sought after amenities in gated communities.

4. Best Place for Kids

Gated communities are best for families with kids. There is a designated kid’s play area. In addition, growing up in a community helps them interact with a social environment and also meet several other kids of their age. You don’t have to worry about children playing in the streets or moving vehicles. This playing area lets them enjoy, while you can rest assured the space is protected, hygienic and safe for the kids. 

5. Fitness and Recreational Amenities

Everyone is becoming health conscious nowadays which has led to an increase in the number of people who regularly exercise or play sports. For all those people, the gated communities offer gyms with modern equipment and facilities. In Luxury apartments amenities, a shuttle or badminton court along with a gymnasium is most commonly found. In addition, most gated communities also have indoor sports facilities with carrom boards, chess boards, table tennis and other additional games. When we discuss recreational Gated community amenities, we should also mention the clubhouse which can be used by the members to conduct get-togethers, birthday parties, etc. A few apartments also have mini-theatres.

6. Parking Space

Everyone owns at least one vehicle, either a two-wheeler or four-wheeler nowadays which means it’s extremely difficult to have a proper parking space without getting into some sort of fight with some neighbors. But fret not, with gated communities, every house is allotted a separate parking space. With ample parking space availability, you can easily park several vehicles. Best part? Most of these parking spaces are on the ground floor, which means that you have the building as the cover. Therefore, you don’t have to worry much about the sun, birds or rain damaging your vehicle. In addition, if you prefer an open parking space, the community head or guard will mostly be able to help you with it. 

7. Open Green Spaces

Since the gated community is not just about your single house or the apartment building, there will be ample space around, most of which is open green spaces. There could be lawns, gardens, planted trees, sitting areas, jogging tracks, etc. Not all of the apartments need to have all of the above-mentioned amenities. But most gated communities have a few of these facilities and open spaces are a definitive factor when it comes to such premises. 

Wrapping Up

Without having to move far away from the city center, a gated community helps you feel safe and enjoy several luxuries. It offers several Amenities in residential building and ensures safety and comfort are prioritized. When you are searching for a gated community, ensure these facilities are available on the premises. Apart from these facilities, you should also consider the location, proximity and connectivity factors when choosing a gated community. It is better to live in a place of residence which has many transport facilities and easy access to necessities like hospitals, markets, grocery stores, schools, etc. If hustling is the word you will relate with the urban, traffic-filled life, peace and pleasant are what the gated communities make you feel.

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