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Why should you invest in Premium Apartments in Madhurawada?

Visakhapatnam is a major hub in Andhra Pradesh and is famously known as the executive capital of the state, which makes it a prominent space for investment and commercial activities. While there has been a lot of growth in all aspects, real estate has also seen a major boom in the area with areas like Madhurawada flourishing with multiple investment opportunities. It’s no secret that Andhra Pradesh has become a prominent space to invest in and has a lot of buyers showing interest. If you are planning to invest in apartments and want to know the different factors that make Premium apartments in Madhurawada an ideal buying choice, this blog will help you understand more about Madhurawada and its interesting aspects. 


In 2021, Visakhapatnam was said to be one of the 15th most livable cities. Some of the best-known areas in the city are Madhurawada and Atchutapuram, which have several residential and commercial projects happening. Even otherwise, Madhurawada is known for a balance of these residential and commercial facilities. You can find several housing facilities and amenities in this area. The area is also famous for its magnificent palaces, forts and several other vibrant markets. Madhurawada also has a very low crime rate and is considered one of the safest places. Therefore, Madhurawada is surrounded by nature and is a safe and secure space to live. 

Why you should buy Apartments for sale in Madhurawada

Madhurawada offers a wonderful living experience, thanks to its natural surroundings and well-planned development including wide roads and properly maintained parks. It is also located in close proximity to many healthcare facilities and schools. Here are more reasons why Madhurawada in Visakhapatnam is a wonderful place to invest in, given its best return on investment opportunities, and also a good one with a high quality of life as there is a perfect blend of modern facilities and scenic, natural wonders. 


There are several areas that are seeing a rise in demand for real estate in and around Andhra Pradesh. However, only a few places are as affordable and attractive as Madhurawada. The affordability factor is an edge the area has over other developing localities. 

Close to Nature

Madhurawada has a lot of beautiful places and is surrounded by natural beauty. The scenic vibe of the area owes the credits to the Rushikonda Beach and the Eastern Ghats. These wonders give a certain relaxed atmosphere to the place and with the builders here focusing on providing more open spaces and green lawns, one can live very close to nature by choosing to invest in premium apartments in Madhurawada. 

IT Hubs

A great deal of development that happens in Andhra Pradesh and surrounding cities is due to the IT industry and its constant growth over the years. The major IT center is located close to Madhurawada which has boosted the demand for both residential and commercial spaces in the area. In addition, the locality is also a proposed digitally smart urban city. Therefore, the IT growth and the need for IT people to find good, comfortable and luxurious places of residence has created a major market for Madhurawada which is only expected to grow more in the coming years.

Proximity to Schools and Hospitals

A residential area is always best when located in close proximity to schools and hospitals as it will be easier to commute for daily purposes as well as safer when in need of emergency. Some of the prominent schools around the area include Delhi Public School, Greendale School, Intelli Pollocks and Kidzee. Likewise, there are many standard hospitals in the area. Gayatri Vidya Parishad Institute of Healthcare, Vishakha Eye Hospital and Vedanta Hospital are some prominent healthcare facilities available in the area. In the case of recreational amenities, there are also many malls and theaters, along with a few food outlets and shopping areas in Madhurawada.

Commuting Comfort

With newly developing localities, a major concern could be the ease of travel. If it is too far from the center of the city, it may be hard for us to constantly travel. But the other concern is the quality of roadways connecting to many important places in the city. However, there is no need to worry about anything when choosing an apartment in Madhurawada. It has great connectivity with the rest of the city and has proper buses and transport services. Since the highway runs through it, the roadways are perfect and well-connected. 

Return on Investments

One of the qualities we should look for while investing in an apartment or any other space is the growth of the area in the present and the future. As we discussed earlier, besides supporting a high quality of life, another major factor about Madhurawada is how it has a high ROI. Under the affordability factor, it was earlier pointed out that even though the area has several facilities and is one of the major attractive spaces in Andhra Pradesh, the apartments are very affordable in comparison to other developing localities. This affordability, when coupled with the fact that the area is growing gradually and the demand is on a growing scale results in the chance of getting higher returns on investments. 


Apartments in Visakhapatnam are easily the wisest choice to invest in. Since Madhurawada is one of the prominent areas blossoming in real estate in Visakhapatnam, the place becomes a natural attracter for buyers. Among the several real estate companies, Northstar is a popular company and its project in Madhurawada, Northstar Park Ave is a premium gated community 2, 2.5 & 3 BHK Apartments built in land spread across 2 acres and offers a range of amenities including cycling and jogging track, swimming pool, kid’s play area, sports facilities, completely security and several others. It is also only 2km away from major IT hubs and is in close proximity to NH16 road. With the natural calmness of Madhurawada and its proximity to many schools and hospitals, the Northstar Park Ave also adds modern facilities, a guarded and safe community and smart designs to level up your lifestyle and enjoy a high quality of living.

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